This Is How You Can Increase The Security Of Your Front Door

Your guests enter your home feeling welcomed when you open your door for them; however, it is also through the same door when any uninvited guest or a thief may enter as well. Majority of the break-ins that happens is through the front door of the home. As much as, this is an alarming issue, Kestrel Australia has got you covered with security doors Melbourne. It is not necessary that you install just a security door, but you can upgrade the security of your front door. So here are a few ways where you can fortify the security of your front door, by adding just an extra layer of security door.

1. Put a Security Door

Security doors are made in various shapes, designs, materials and different level of strengths. From design perspective, you can have an old wrought iron or to have a stylish two mirror designed door, you can install a super see through mesh door. Whereas, other materials for security doors are aluminium or a steel security door, depending on the strength you would want it to have. There’s a reason, it is always recommended to get your doors installed by a professional, so you can be sure that even the expert of a burglar cannot compromise the security of the door. Security doors are to be made tailor fit as per the frame of the door, making sure no space is left.

2. Upgrade the Locks of Your Doors

It is always advisable to get your front door’s lock upgraded, one of the main reasons why is because opening a lock is just a piece of a cake for burglars. When choosing one lock for your door, make sure you understand what vulnerabilities the lock is coming with. Can the lock withstand any blunt force or drilling? Can the lock be easily opened through bump keys? If you never gave such a thought in installing your front door locks, then you might be having a substandard lock, we suggest you to get it upgraded.

3. Strengthen Your Door Hinges.

One of the important aspects when upgrading your door’s security is to focus on strengthening your door hinges. This could be either the most strong or the weakest point of your door. When the burglars realize they cannot enter your home through the door, they will dislodge the door out of its entire frame by targeting the hinges. We suggest you to get 3 inch set of screws, security studs and corrugated pins installed to ensure security of hinges and door frame. You can contact Krestrel Australia or visit our website at and explore the security upgrade options we have for you. It may sound expensive to you, so we have made your buying decision easier and worry free by letting you get a free online quotation for your security door installation.