6 Very Popular Types Of Fences

Installing a fence surrounding your home is not meant only for appearance, it’s also about refining the privacy and security; two of the most vital requirements of your home. It will also keep intruders and trespassers away from your home. There are several different types of fences to select from; however you need to consider which is best suited to your home.

Here are 6 very popular fencing types to choose from.

  • Aluminum Fences
    Aluminum fence is considered to be one of the most common and effective fences. Even though it fails to provide the highest safety requirement, this fencing Ballina material doesn’t need to be looked after, that you can install and forget all about. The out appearance of aluminum fence is very ordinary and it can successfully blend with almost any home design.
  • Wooden Fences
    Wooden fences is the most popular type of fencing thanks to its aesthetic value. They are typically used by the people who live in the suburbs and countryside both because it is relatively cheaper and the area to cover is high. A wide verity of wood fences can be found in the market and the price may also vary according to the quality of the wood. These require to be treated well for all kinds of damages they may acquire over the time.
  • PVC Fences
    For anyone with a limited budget, PVC is most suitable option to go for. It can be found very effective in repairs. To maximize the stability of the fence, you can substitute disintegrating wood with long lasting PVC. PVC is both dependable and reasonably priced. PVC designs comes in a number of heights and colors. And as it is made of inorganic compounds, it can tolerate outdoor elements.
  • DIY non-combustible Fence
    Colorbond fencing Sunshine Coast is a versatile steel solution for fences that makes it easier to get the exact look you require. It won’t rot and it is non-combustible. It is also easy to maintain, so once it’s installed, there’s no need to be spending your time painting, oiling or replacing palings. This going to save you a fortune. Given that it comes in a several colors, you would be able to use them accordingly to match your need, without having to settle down for something default.
  • Wrought Iron Fence
    Wrought iron is most suitable for large properties which require high security. Although wrought iron fences are strong, sturdy and stunning, they need constantly maintained. It is recommended to sand and repaint these fences once every 2 years to keep up their elegant and rich appearance. The cost of wrought iron fences may vary according to the amount of detail that goes into it.
  • Chain-linked Fence
    Chain-linked fences may not be expensive, long-lasting and need only slight upkeep, they fail to provide much privacy and they aren’t particularly aesthetically pleasing. Functionality if the main aspect of chain-link fences. Many farmers and homeowners use chain-link fencing to grow vines, flowers and shrubberies along them in which case it actually can be visually pleasant. These type of fences are typically used for large area which needs sectioning.

Installing a fence is not an easy DIY task, particularly if you need a large fence. Hire a pair of reliable, capable hands so you know your fence will last you a long time.